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Author Topic: Bash at the Box - August 26 2017  (Read 146 times)


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Bash at the Box - August 26 2017
« on: July 23, 2017, 05:29:45 PM »
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  • Bash at the Box
    August 26 2017
    3 games

    Email   jlpetrucha@maelstromdesign.ca
    Webpage   Bash at the Box (Facebook

    The Sentry Box
        1835 10 Ave SW
    City   Calgary
    State   Alberta
    Nation   Canada

    Available Seats: 20 Seats

    Cost: $15 Registration
    Pre-registration allows the organizers to allocate proper funds for swag and prizes.

    Pre-registration can be sent by email money transfer to lair.ashmead@gmail.com
    Tournament Organizer: Jack Petrucha
    EMAIL: jlpetrucha@maelstromdesign.ca

    Tournament schedule:
    The tournament will be a one day, 3 game swiss style tournament. First games will be determined by random matchup. The remaining games will be determined based on tournament points.

    August 26th – 3 matches
    10:00 AM Registration begins
    10:30 AM First game
    1:00 PM Lunch (1 hour)
    2:00 PM Second Game
    4:30 PM Third Game
    7:00 PM Conclusion of matches
    7:15 PM Awards and Conclusion

    What to bring:
    - Team with suitable models.
    - Painting is optional for this event.
    - Clear identification of skills/positions
    - Block dice
    - D6s, d8, d12/16/20
    - 3 copies of your team roster including skill purchases and inducements

    Tournament Rules: https://www.thenaf.net/2017/05/naf-and-death-zone-2/
    - Standard NAF Rules 2017 – 24 teams, including Slann are available to play.
    - Argue the call, Timber are allowed. Pile on is allowed as per the NAF document.

    Jorm the Ogre and his Brethren!
    Rumors have been circulating about this event around the sludge ponds. While it is expected to be a foul fest, Jorm has gathered his brothers and other relatives to oversee all the matches in this event, and they intend to make it a ‘fair’ field for everyone. (Deathzone 2, Page 39)

    Rules Not Allowed
    NO WIZARDS, No referees, No Special Play Cards, No Special Weather tables, No Special Balls,
    NO Special Play Cards
    Only stars from the Death Zone Season 1 and the NAF document will be available. (No Black Goblin and White Dwarf)

    - Teams will resurrect at the end of each games. No SPPs, injuries or any roster changes carry over between games
    - Illegal Procedure and the 4 minute time limit will not be enforced.
    - Games will have a maximum length of 2 hours 30 minutes. Warnings will be given at approximately the halfway point and with a 15 minute warning at the end. There will be no extended play.
    - Players must agree on
    - cocked die rules (if its not flat on the table it is cocked)
    - dice cups and/or sharing dice at the start of the match
    - If there are any disagreements or rules disputes, tournament directors will be standing by to assist.
    - Teams with the ability to raise killed players will not be allowed to. E.g. Necromancer/Nurgle’s Rot

    Team building:
    - 24 NAF sanctioned teams are eligible.
    - Teams get 1.1 million gold to construct their roster.
    - No additional gold may be spent on skill increases. This money is only to be used for your roster creation.
    - Star players can be purchased as part of a roster and may be your 11th player. In the case that opposing teams hire the same star, both teams will be allowed to use the player.
    - Teams must play with a minimum of 11 players.
    - Teams can purchase Rerolls, apothecaries (if allowed), coaches, cheerleaders or fan factor.
    - Teams may also include bribes as part of the roster as per the standard inducement cost.
    - Chefs can only be purchased by halfling teams.
    - No other inducements may be purchased (including , cards, extra apothecaries, mercenaries, etc).
    - Teams will be given ONE free bribe for the tournament. It can be used at any time but only once.

    Teams can select one of the following skill packages (This is the tier system used by the NAF world cup)
    Tier 1 – Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf
    Tier 2 – Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Elven Union, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Underworld Denizens, Slann, Vampire
    Tier 3 – Halfling, Goblin, Ogre

    Teams will have the following gold to buy skills for their teams.
    General Access: 20K Gold
    Doubles Access: 30K Gold
    Stat Increase: N/A

    Tier 1 - 6 Normal Skills + 1 Dirty Player
    Tier 2 - 6 Normal Skills, 1 Double, 20K Gold+ 1 Dirty Player
    Tier 3 – 6 Normal, 2 Double, 50K Gold+ 1 Dirty Player

    - Stars cannot be given skills
    - Two extra skill maximum per player
    - Each skill may be taken a maximum of 2 times

    Tournament Scoring:

    Win = 50
    Loss = 0
    Tie = 20

    BONUS Points:
    Casualties (by block, stab, chainsaw, general butchery) = 3 pts
    Fouling Casualties (does not stack with any above situations) = 6 pts

    In the case of a tie, tie breakers are as follows:
    - Win/tie/loss record
    - Head-to-Head record if applicable
    - NET TD’s
    - NET Casualties
    - Higher placement in the Tournament

    - First Place Overall (Points)
    - Most Brutal (Most Casualties)
    - Least Brutal (Least Casualties)
    - Sportsmanship (combination of Sportsmanship/Painting/

    Swag and prizes:
    - Every dollar collected will be given back to the players in the form of swag or prizes, so get registrations in early so goodies can be planned!
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